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We are a team made up of many specialists in the immigration field and collaborate closely with a wide range of experts: sworn translators, brokers, estate agents, financial advisers, notaries and lawyers who are experts in immigration law. Our goal is to bring you the right resources to help you settle in France and to support you in making your plans a reality. We offer a full service in relation to the application process, from requesting a visa to applying for citizenship afterwards.

VIP Serveis France can provide a range of services:

  • Visa application
  • Obtaining a residence permit for economically independent people, and its renewal: aimed at people capable of maintaining themselves financially without problems.
  • Obtaining a residence permit for skills and talents, and its renewal: aimed at individuals with a certain level of ability, generally in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Application for permanent residence
  • Application for citizenship: for people who already have a permanent residence permit in France.

In addition, we maintain close ties with leading French financial institutions such as Société Générale, Crédit Agricole and BNP Paribas, ensuring that we are able to deliver expert financial management and the finest investment options to our clients. Moreover, we can arrange for your children to be enrolled in the best schools in the country and facilitate the exchange of your driving licence.


To sum up, our commitment is to guarantee a seamless and positive experience for our clients in the transfer process to France, taking care of every detail of their relocation.


Nous faciliterons l’échange de votre permis de conduire.

If you wish to find out more about our services or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling us directly or via Whatsapp or Telegram at +33 7 68 15 23 00 | + 33 6 21 66 20 09.

Advantages of France

France is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for you and your family, for many reasons:


By having a French residency, you’ll have the freedom of movement in all the Schengen area, which includes 26 other EU countries.

After 5 years of continuous residence in France, you can apply for French citizenship.


The level of education, both private and public, is world-renowned, from primary to university level. In addition, public education is of good quality and free of charge.


France is known for its unique culture, rooted in a deeply rich and diverse history. With its exquisite gastronomy, an exceptional climate and natural beauty, this country offers a once in a lifetime experience. Besides, its economy in constant growth and its stable democracy make France a yearning place to live.

The country has a good level of technology, attracting start-ups such as La French Tech to set up and develop on French territory, boosting its global importance in the technological field.

As a visitor resident in France, you are not obliged to become a tax resident of the country.


France is a country with an extensive transport infrastructure, allowing easy access to countries near and far, on any continent.

Within all of France’s geography, you’ll encounter an overwhelming art concentration, enriching further the cultural experience. French gastronomy is renowned worldwide for its diversity and its focus on healthy ingredients, with each region offering its own culinary and wine speciality.

France possesses a large healthcare system and an excellent infrastructure, converting it into an ideal place to live and work. Its exceptional location and well-developed transport connections make it an accessible and connected place with the rest of the world. On top of that, French is one of the most important and spoken languages in the world.

Our experts team offers a large choice of relocation, immigration and integration services in France. These services are:

  • Our assistance in applying for and obtaining visas in France. Thanks to our services, you can obtain a “visitor” residence permit for economically independent people, as well as a “talent passport”. We help you to obtain your first residence permit, and then to renew it with the local prefecture in your place of residence. Finally, we can help you apply for a residence permit and French citizenship by naturalisation.
  • Our support in finding property to buy or rent. We represent our clients and protect their needs and interests. For example, we can help you find a reliable notary. In some cases, we can help you apply for a mortgage with the banks. We have a presence throughout France, so we can guide you wherever you want to go, whether that’s Paris, the north such as Strasbourg, or the south such as Nice.
  • If you have children, we can help you enrol them in a private or public school of your choice. We can help you register your children for activities and courses such as tennis, dance, and others to develop their sporting or artistic skills. If your child is of university age, we can also help guide them towards universities specialising in different disciplines of study, such as medicine at the Sorbonne University, political science at Science Po or law at Paris-Panthéon-Assas.
  • We work with accountants and tax specialists who can help you register and set up a business in France. They can also help you prepare an annual tax return.
  • You can take part in a consultation with our lawyers in various fields, such as employment law, immigration law, family law, company law, society law, and more.
  • We can provide you with various interpreting services for immigration applications or other personal needs in France, as well as sworn translation of documents for visa applications, renewals, school enrolments or any other applications in France.

Residence permits.

1. Residence permits

The 4 main conditions for a financially independent requester to obtain the residence permit are established by the French Immigration Department, are the following:

  • Documents proving that you possess sufficient economic resources to live and cover all expenses in France.
  • An address in France (real estate purchased, rented or being housed as long as the space requirements are met in the housing you reside in).
  • Not having a job in French territory.
  • Have a valid healthcare insurance during the totality of your stay in France.
  • Passport
  • ID.
  • Birth certificate
  • Justification of marriage/divorce (if applicable).
  • Diploma(s) (is applicable).
  • Medical insurance valid for at least 12 months at all risk in French territory.
  • Documents demonstrating your socio.economic situation.
  • Documents proving that you have sufficient economic resources to live in France.
  • Vaccination book (for kids under 16 years old).
  • School certificate (for kids under 16 years old).
  • Kid’s inscription in a French school.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Title deed or rent contract of a house/flat in France.
  • Signed letter confirming you won’t work in France during your stay.
  • Criminal record certificate.
  • To begin with, you need to compile and formalise all the essential papers required for your case. Some of your documents will need to be authenticated or notarised, depending on which country issues them;
  • We work hand in hand with official interpreters who will translate your documentation into French;
  • We can arrange for you to take out French medical cover in line with the criteria for obtaining a long-term visa;
  • The real estate agents we cooperate with will be able to assist you in your search for accommodation in France in line with your needs, preferences and standards. They can give you advice on renting or buying a property in France;
  • We will prepare your dossier to apply for a long-stay visa as a “visitor” to France. Once your application is complete, you can present it at an interview with the French consular authorities in your country of residence or citizenship;
  • If your request is approved, you will be issued with a national long-term visitor’s visa. This visa is valid for 12 months;
  • You will be required to travel to France within the first 2 months of validity of the long-stay visa in order to use it as a residence permit, which confirms your status as a legal resident in France. You can apply for a travel permit for foreign minors for your children under the age of 18. This document will be valid for the same period as the parents’ document;
  • It is only during your first year of residence in France that you will have the option of substituting your foreign driving licence for a French driving licence (if France has concluded an agreement with the country or state that issued your driving licence);
  • It is vital to note that the first 5 residence permits are each worth one year. They are renewable on a yearly basis. After 5 years, you can apply for a residence permit, which is valid for 10 years;
  • Finally, once you have been granted a residence permit in France and have lived in the country continually for at least 5 years, you can apply for French nationality.
  • Our team can handle all these formalities and assist you with every aspect of your application.

2. French Tech immigration programme or “Passeport Talent”.

The French Tech visa for investors is intended for international investors, business angels or overseas venture capitalists who would like to settle in France by investing in a French high technology firm and are eligible to request a long-term residence authorisation. The key terms and conditions for investors are as follows:

  • Invest at a minimum of €300,000 in a French technology company;
  • Own at least 30% of the registered capital;
  • Hold at least 10% of the business in which you invest;
  • Create new jobs or retain existing jobs in the company for a minimum of four (4) years.
  • The initial French residence permit delivered to the applicant and members of his or her family (spouse and children) remains valid for a maximum period of 4 years. The requester’s spouse may have the option to work in France.
  • Passport and ID.
  • Birth records and marriage/divorce certificates (if applicable).
  • Diplomas.
  • CV and motivation letter.
  • Proof of accommodation and health insurance subscription in France.
  • Police certificate.
  • Documentation showing that the candidate himself/herself runs a company with a share of at least 30%;
  • An investment project plan and commitment letter stating the number of jobs to be created within four years of the investment in France;
  • Evidence that the applicant has directly invested, or has agreed to invest directly, at least 300,000 € in tangible or intangible fixed assets in France over a four-year period;
  • If the investment has been made previously: any document certifying the effectiveness of the investment made, in particular,  a certificate showing that at least 300,000 € of the money invested has been deposited in the company’s account.
  • Corporate tax is 25% in France
  • The income tax scale is progressive:
    • For income up to €10,777, the tax rate is 0%.
    • From €10,778 to €27,478, the rate is 11%.
    • From €27,479 to €78,570, the rate is 30%.
    • From €78,571 to €168,994, the rate is 41%.
    • Above €168,994, the tax rate is 45%.
  • Notaire’s fees for a new-build property average 2-3% of the price of the property, compared with 7-8% for an old-build property.
  • You have the option of renewing your visitor permit annually without having to make a personal declaration of income from outside France.
  • There is no fixed minimum or maximum period of residence for renewing and/or keeping a visitor’s permit.
  • Children under the age of 18 may be included in the principal candidate’s file.
  • There is no specific residence permit for minors, but they may obtain a circulation document for foreign minors, which is similar to a visa allowing children to travel to and from France.
  • You can apply to swap your foreign driving licence for a French licence during the first year of residence in France (provided that France has an agreement with the country or state issuing the driving licence).


There are several ways of obtaining French nationality and therefore a French identity card and/or passport:



Applications for naturalisation are accepted after 5 years of legal residence in the country, excluding marriage. This period may be reduced to 2 years for people who have graduated from a higher education establishment or who have rendered exceptional services to France. Foreigners who have served in the French army are exempt from the minimum residence requirement.

It is also essential to prove that the applicant has integrated well into French society, i.e. is fluent in French and familiar with the rights and obligations of a French citizen. However, this exemption does not apply to people over the age of 65, who must only take an oral test in French with a civil servant to prove that they are capable of holding an everyday conversation.

Children under the age of 18 can be added to the application and granted French nationality (under certain conditions).


Blood law

The child of at least one parent of French nationality may acquire French nationality.


If the child was born in France :

A child born in France during a short stay of the mother as a tourist cannot claim French nationality. Children born on French soil to foreign parents obtain French nationality by descent from the age of 16 and become French at the age of 18, provided that France has been their main residence for 5 successive years from the age of 11.

A change in French law in 2015 also allows children to acquire French nationality at 18, provided they have lived in France since the age of 6, attend a French school and have a brother or sister who has acquired French nationality.

If they are the foreign parents of a child aged at least 13 who has lived in France since the age of 8, they can apply for French nationality on their behalf before a magistrate.



The union of a French national and a foreign national does not confer French nationality on the foreign spouse.

However, in order to obtain French nationality, a foreigner who has married a French national must meet one of the following conditions:

The couple must have been legally married and have resided in France for at least 4 years. At the time of the procedure, the cohabitation must be permanent and the French spouse must have retained his or her French nationality;

The couple must have lived together outside France, legally married, for at least 5 years. At the time of the application, the cohabitation must not have been interrupted and the French spouse must have retained French nationality.

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