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VIP Serveis is a professional immigration consulting company based in Europe. We adhere to the highest professional standards and offer a wide range of immigration services in the fields of law, finance, real estate, and much more.

Base on the feedback of our clients, we have found it difficult to obtain correct and complete information about immigration on the internet. Many sites offer contradictory or outdated information, so there may be a large amount of misinformation out there. Hence, we created this website to provide you with our expert-backed resources.

If you require any information, you can contact us by message, email, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram or telephone.


The team at VIP Serveis is a group of passionate and experienced professionals, who are willing to offer you the best assistance should you require any advice on any of the immigration methods or procedures. Most of our team members have decades of experience, and have been with us from the very beginning. We are well-versed in all forms of business, investment, and retirement immigration plans. We have the best professionals in each field related to immigration, in order to guarantee the success of your application, regardless of the type of service you require.


At VIP Serveis, we pride ourselves in providing friendly and exceptional advice when you move to a new country, where culture, legislation and basic language are completely different from familiarity. Our signature is our full package guarantee that comes with every service we provide. From the very beginning till the end, VIP Serveis is at your disposal. We can help you find the best home base on your needs, while making sure it is as affordable as possible. We can also assist you with the acquisition of health insurance, advice on how to register your business with the best taxation schemes, validating your driving license, the search for the best schools for your children, and anything else you and your family may need.

Contact our professionals now and we can provide you with the most up-to-date immigration information, projects, plans and prices.


We had always wanted to move to Europe after our retirement and Andorra fits our demands for safety, tranquility, and beauty perfectly. VIP Serveis really helped us with everything, and we moved to Andorra in just 4 months without any hassle. Here, a full insurance covering all specialties like dental and optical only costs about 1500 Euros per year! That is 1/5 of what we paid in US, unbelievable!
VIP Serveis greatly facilitated our move and helped with all administrative issues. We recommend working with them because of their professionalism and kindness.

Jonathan & PaigeAmerican family

We decided to radically change our lives and start over in Europe to set up a new business, and Andorra seemed to be our best choice.
All administrative issues of our new business and residence were taken care of by VIP Serveis, who offered us a personalized, friendly and efficient service at all times. In a short time, we already began enjoying our life in Andorra. My wife loves the luxury shops, comfortable weather, especially during winter, when everything is covered with snow and Christmas lights.
VIP Serveis, and especially Carlos, thank you!

Luis & CarlaMexican family

I grew up wanting to move to Spain, but life worked in mysterious ways and I had no chance to even visit France until lately. But standing on the shores of Malaga, I was brought to the realization that life is not just business meetings and money orders: it is about being myself. I found VIP Serveis from a friend, and they were so easygoing and friendly. I was able to obtain my golden visa without worry as their agents took care of nearly everything for me. I just had to show up and smile.

Now I feel like I was born again. I can manage everything from the comfort of my seaside home, accompanied by my loving French girlfriend. There was still a lot of life ahead of me, and VIP Serveis definitely helped making my dream a reality.

JunchengChinese businessman

I am passionate about sports, especially skiing. I wish to continue my passion when I move to Europe, and Andorra has some of the best skiing opportunities. My partner and I got in contact with VIP Serveis and were shocked how easy it was to work with them.
They were professional and very efficient! In a few weeks I was able to settle down with my partner and start a new professional and personal life thousands of kilometers away.
Now, I love Andorra! In winter, we ski almost full-time, and in summer, we hop on bicycles and explore new routes in the mountains. As for the people, they are very welcoming.  There are not only many local Andorran neighbors, but also Europeans who moved here just like us. The atmosphere, really, is the best I have ever had.
Without VIP Serveis, I cannot imagine being here in paradise!

Sally & GeorgeChilean couple

When I decided to move in with Eugenio, I never throught it would be that difficult. Unlike New Zealand, Portuguese bureaucracy was a nightmare, even for a local. Thanks to VIP Serveis, I could just worry about other things of my resettlement rather than having headaches over piles of documents. They were efficient, professional, and most importantly, friendly. I honestly did not expect their green-light message as I did not even manage to finish cleaning my apartment back in New Zealand! To anyone reading this: just go with them and you will not be disappointed.

Connie & EugenioNew Zealand & Portuguese couple

My husband and I had been eyeing Spain for a while as we approached VIP Serveis. We had a few other agencies come to us but they never gave us honest answers or simply wanted us to pay up. But the immigration consultant from VIP Serveis we talked with were knowledgable and forthcoming, and we took a liking to this company immediately. They had their own Farsi translators and accompanied us to get our visas, and honestly, we are so glad that the turn of fate by God led us to this path. Now in Spain, our children will live a better life than we had even envisioned, and our new company in Spain, set up with the help of VIP Serveis is doing great. Thank you!

MahsaIranian family

Back in Venezuela, we lived a beautiful life. But, unfortunately, everything has changed lately. My family always wanted to go live the European life, and there was no better time to move.
We had visited Andorra before during travels and loved the place, so we looked for professionals to help us settle into this nice little country, and that was when we found VIP Serveis. We bought several houses with the help of VIP Serveis, who made sure we got the best quality and price. Additionally, thanks to VIP Serveis and their experience, we were able to quickly open a bank account in Andorra. It makes it much easier to have advice to speed up all these difficult procedures.

We recommend the efficiency and professionalism of VIP Serveis.

Gina & CarmenVenezuelan family

Our experience with VIP Serveis was excellent.

We decided to look for a country where our children can grow up in a safe and enriching environment. United States or Canada takes a long time to get a positive response, and we love the European way of life. Relaxed, sincere, but friendly, that is how I want my children to become. We decided to look for professionals to help us with immigration to Andorra, and VIP Serveis seemed to be the best. They were very professional, but above all else, friendly and patient.
In a matter of a few weeks, we already had our house rented in Andorra, our bank account opened and residence cards in hand! They also helped us find our children’s school, and now my kids learn French, English, Spanish and Catalan daily. Without VIP Serveis, we would never even consider Andorra.

BeatriceFilipino family

I have family in Portugal, and was lucky enough to find VIP Serveis as I was searching for ways to relocate to Porto with my wife. Their experts had all the information we need and was extremely patient with my hundreds of questions. I had never imagined how hard it was to apply by myself even though I speak Portuguese, as my first application submission I crafted myself was rejected instantly. But with their help, I could easily sit back and relax while VIP Serveis team work to resolve my issues. They helped me go through on the first try! Now I can fly back and forth whenever I want, and I get to live just 2 blocks from my family in Portugal. This is truly the best outcome we could have hoped!

AlexMozambique couple