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Information: Andorran Immigration Department

The organizational chart of the Andorran Immigration Department is relatively simple. The Immigration Department consists of the Immigration Service, made up of administrative staff and the Police, as well as the Medical Area, which integrates the Immigration Medical Service and the Medical Review Service. It should be noted that the Department of Immigration of Andorra […]

Portugal to review ‘golden visa’ scheme in bid to create new jobs

LISBON, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Portugal’s government is to review its ‘golden visa’ programme which grants residence to non-EU foreign investors with a view to redirecting such investment from a red-hot property market in big cities to depopulated areas in order to create new jobs. The “Authorisation of Residence for Investment Activity” policy, commonly known […]

Safest countries in the world: Andorra

According to the World Bank’s report, Andorra ranks fifth in the world in terms of “political stability” and “no criminality” (index 1.32). To put this into context, neighboring Spain is in 31st place (index 0.01). The crime rate in Andorra, including street crimes (pickpocketing, car theft, and disorderly conduct) are at almost zero. Andorra is […]