Andorra is the perfect place for an immigrant. Known for its relaxed taxes, beautiful high Pyranees, gorgeous ski resorts, friendly locals, and worldly banking system, this small Principality checks all the boxes of a great destination country. The yearly required stay is short, and demands for investments are also very low, so why not join us in this piece of paradise on Earth today? Check out more Andorran advantages here.

VIP Serveis provides a wide variety of immigration, tax relocation, and company formation services in Andorra. Our team is at your disposal for the purchase or rental of your new Andorran home, choosing the right school for your children, purchasing medical insurance from trusted local companies, and validation of your new European driving license, etc.

There is a yearly quota for the immigration to Andorra. The Government of Andorra analyzes the quantitative and qualitative needs of the country’s economy and society, and based on this analysis, the government sets immigration quotas with the aim of promoting social cohesion and the balanced development of the society. As a general rule, passive residence quotas and highly qualified jobs, do not present too many restrictions and difficulties because they are considered of high interest to the country. Thanks to our office right in Andorra la Vella, and our local connections with authorities, VIP Serveis can guarantee our clients are never affected by this restriction.